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Tourisme dans le Morbihan

Do you want to do tourism in Morbihan during your holidays? Discover the most beautiful places of interest and the best activities around our campsite in Morbihan!

The most beautiful places of interest in Morbihan

Nature destination popular with ocean lovers, Morbihan is also rich in many historical and cultural treasures. During your holidays at the Kergo campsite, you will not miss the famous and mysterious alignments of megaliths of Carnac, as well as the many dolmens and tumuli discovered on the Morbihan coast: the Locmariaquer site, the cairn of the island of Gavrinis, or again that of Petit-Mont in Arzon. A rich medieval heritage is also to be discovered in Morbihan, through the castles of Josselin, Suscinio, Pontivy or Trécesson, but also through the cities of Vannes, Auray and Rochefort-en-Terre. On the ocean side, you will find such emblematic sites as the Cité de la Voile on the Lorient submarine base, the port of La Trinité-sur-Mer and its maxi-trimarans, the vast Crouesty marina, or the small charming port of Sauzon on Belle-Île-en-Mer. Finally, the most magnificent natural sites to admire during your stay in Morbihan: the black mountain range, the Quénécan forest and the Séné marshland nature reserve on the land side; Ile aux Moines, Berder Island, Houat and Hoëdic Islands in the Gulf of Morbihan, but also the Rhuys peninsula, the wild coast of the Quiberon peninsula, the island d'Arz, or the needles of Port-Coton and the Pointe des Poulains on Belle-Île for the sea side. We will also mention the famous ria of Etel and its island of Saint Cado, Erdeven and its beach of Kerhillio, Plouharnel and its Rondossec Tumulus, or even Auray and its Saint Goustan port

The best activities to do in Morbihan

Many sites in Morbihan are particularly suitable for family outings: the aquarium and the Butterfly garden in Vannes, the Branféré animal park, the Prehistory park in Brittany in Malansac, the natural labyrinths of Sarzeau, Ploemel or Guidel , or the Tropical Parc in Saint-Jacut-les-Pins are always successful with children. Morbihan is also a paradise for nautical leisure enthusiasts, with the possibility of practicing activities as varied as sand yachting in Saint-Pierre-de-Quiberon; sailing in the nautical clubs of all the coastal towns; kayaking on the Villaine from the Arzal dam, but also on the Laïta at Guidel, on the marshes at Sarzeau, as in the bay of Quiberon; diving in the Ria of Etel; Kitesurfing in Erdeven; buoys towed at Carnac; or finally cruises and guided walks on old rigs or on prestigious catamarans, in Vannes as in La Trinité-sur-Mer. On the land side, the Morbihan promises hiking or cycling through its charming villages and megaliths, but also on the coastal paths, to discover unique panoramas. Among the cultural visits not to be missed are the museums of Lorient (the city of sailing, the submarine Flore and the museums of the citadel of Port-Louis), but also the park of the village of Poul-Fétan for an immersion in Brittany of yesteryear, the tuna museum in Étel or the quirky universe of the scrap metal poet in Lizio.

A découvrir dans le Morbihan
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